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About us

Our development company focuses on fintech and technologies that have emerged from the discovery of blockchain. Our focus is to combine cutting-edge technologies with the latest scientific knowledge. This allows us to design and develop high-tech products that enable our clients to fully harness the opportunities offered by cryptocurrencies and decentralized technologies. Our sophisticated solutions offer our clients a huge advantage over competitors ignorant of these technologies.

We divide our products and services into 4 separate areas.

Algorithmic Trading Systems

Cryptocurrency trading is full of pitfalls that our clients don’t even know about. We offer fully automated and extremely reliable trading systems.


If consultation with the client shows the suitability of using blockchain, we are able to implement this solution too.


To meet the needs of our customer, we often turn to the research. If the latest results do not suggest a solution, we do research ourselves.

Server setup & Support

We are able to deploy the final products wherever the client asks. We also take care of the subsequent management of running systems.


Our services

Blockchain technology has generated a huge buzz across all media, and while it may seem that the media is against cryptocurrencies, more and more clients are turning to us to help them realize their project using blockchain.

An overview of the most popular services we offer to our clients follows.

coin builder

Coin building

We negotiate and take care of the smooth listing of coins and tokens on given cryptocurrency exchanges with which we maintain a long-term relationship. This service includes listing on all necessary aggregators and comparators. We also design strategies for clients to help them build awareness of their coins. After listing on an exchange, clients typically use one of CryNet’s services

Private blockchain

We develop and integrate customized blockchain solutions. Our solutions empower companies to, for example, implement their own payment token, manage users’ information and store data in a decentralized way. We comunicate closely with our customers to analyze their requirements and to be able to deliver the optimal solution for their needs.

private blockchain
smart contracts

Smart contract development

We are involved in the programming of Smart Contract according to the customer’s needs. We perform static and dynamic code analysis, automated tests, write technical documentation, prepare deployment scripts and last but not least, we publish smart contract on the chosen blockchain. We are able to provide a security audit by our experts or by an trusted external company.

Server setup & Support

We analyze, design and build the most suitable server solutions to meet customer requirements. Whether the server belongs to the customer, to us or is hosted on AWS, we take care of the set-up and management of the software solutions that the customer wants to run on the respective servers. The typical server uses are virtualizations, storage systems and backup systems.

Server Setup + Support


We have developed and emitted our own fractal NFT, details of which can be found in our Internal Projects . The experience we attained is being widely used by our clients who contact us wishing to issue their own NFTs, digitize their art works, or list existing NFTs on the relevant exchanges.


In order to provide some of our services, we first had to develop our own products that allow us to operate with great efficiency, especially where cryptocurrencies are created and exchanged.

An overview of our products and their main features follows.


This is our proprietary system for developing, backtesting and subsequent running of algorithmic trading systems (ATSs) on cryptoexchanges. CryNet’s continuous development over several years has enabled it to deal with non-standard and often dangerous events that sporadically occur in the cryptocurrency markets. Currently, CryNet settles more than 10,000 trades per day on more than 10 exchanges, contains more than 30 ATSs, and also provides other trading-relevant information in addition to the trading itself. For more details, see the following description of its features.



This is a set of ATSs allowing one to perform direct and triangular arbitrage and to react promptly to an event when a trade is not executed during arbitrage.


Providing of Liquidity

The symbiosis of several interdependent ATSs with the common goal of bringing the market to life – exactly what is needed in the case of newly listed coins. Our activity has caught the attention of the cryptoexchanges, which are willing to cooperate with us.


Market Making

This feature is made possible by several ATSs which need to operate on liquid pairs. The specific ATS and its settings are chosen according to the customer’s goals and portfolio.



Automatic portfolio rebalancing is an indispensable tool for every portfolio manager. CryNet includes ATSs for this purpose as well.



Private keys must be taken seriously. Vault is a separate module that stores, backs up and provides this sensitive data only to authorized users and applications.


Whale Alert

We monitor the blockchain itself, allowing us to send alerts when there are any major movements.


Exchange Alert

Occasionally, large orders or sudden price changes occur on exchanges. We create alerts for these types of events too.



Although our company does not mine any cryptocurrencies, we have developed and now host a system that allows for the bulk management of mining rigs. Our client is provided with an image for installation of the mining system on their rigs (the image contains a modified Linux OS) and access to a web application allowing them to manage their rigs.


Finding like-minded people or a company with a similar philosophy to ours is not easy.

An overview of the partnerships we have established and are looking for, follows.


We are hiring

  • IT development
  • marketing team

Our vision is to build a company of professionals capable of implementing ideas that lie beyond the possible. If you are familiar with the world of decentralised technologies, if you see a future in it and share our vision, we would be delighted to have you on board.


Some of our projects have been backed by a research that has resulted in scientific publication. The following table is an overview.

GEN Blockchain WP1.5. 2021

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Our team

GentleBit - Tomáš Smetka

Ing. Tomáš Smetka

CEO, Blockchain expert
GentleBit - Jan Lochman

Ing. Jan Lochman

Java/dApp/Blockchain developer
GentleBit - Tomáš Kučera

Tomáš Kučera

IT infrastructure architect
GentleBit - Ivan Homoliak

Ing. Ivan Homoliak, Ph.D.

Cyber-security reseacher, SC developer